About Melanie

Melanie Melanie Dail - Certified Rolfer®

I became a candidate for Rolfing at a young age. I was a tomboy growing up. That means I fell out of trees, had bike wrecks, got crunched during football tackles, got hit in the head with baseballs, etc. I grew into an active adult, enjoying outdoor activities of hiking, skiing, backpacking, kayaking with similar bumps and bruising. I developed pain that I attributed to these activities. Eventually working with chronic pain became commonplace.

My first Rolfing appointment was a definite turning point in the right direction. The constant discomfort and pain I was experiencing was greatly reduced. I was elated to have found the work that I was confident would bring me long-term relief and allow me to keep working!

Each session was an education and helped me understand how all the "normal” injuries from activities I loved had rotated my legs, tilted my pelvis, twisted my spine, and shifted the lobes in my cranium. Rolfing was unwinding all of this….my body was regaining strength, flexibility, ease of movement....I felt younger….for the first time in years I was experiencing less pain!

I was inspired and wanted to share this work with others. I enrolled at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and became a Certified Rolfer in 2009. I look forward to helping you feel the power of living comfortably in your body!

  • 1981 - BS Special Education
  • 2001 - Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist
  • 2004 - Massage Therapy Instructor
  • 2008 - First Rolfing Session
  • 2009 - Certified Rolfer