Treatment Options

handsFree 30 minute consultations are available by appointment.  This is a great opportunity for us to meet in person at my office. We can discuss your questions and develop a plan for treatment if you decide to invest in yourself and experience the life changing power of Rolfing.  A typical session lasts a minimum of one hour. The first visit may take an additional 15 minutes for intake paperwork and getting familiar with one another.  

At the beginning of each session I will assess your structure by viewing you standing and walking. You may be asked to perform specific movements such as raising your arms or bending your knees, etc.  Treatment options vary based on the needs and goals of the client.  One to three sessions may "fix” a particular problem.  People who have suffered from injuries may find that many sessions are necessary to correct long term structural issues. 

Most clients enjoy returning for sessions periodically to maintain new structural patterns that have integrated (usually monthly to quarterly).  For those who want a more comprehensive approach to healing, I recommend the Ten Series. The balance it brings to the entire body prepares you for whatever is next in your life. The fundamentals of the Ten Series are the foundation of Structural Integration. But often people present with a problem that needs immediate attention. The focus becomes addressing this issue while incorporating structural goals for the whole body.

After the assessment you will receive work on the table. I will use pressure with my hands, forearms, soft fist or knuckles to free restrictions in your tissue. You may be asked to move in specific ways to encourage this process.  Soft tissue manipulation can be uncomfortable at times but should not be painful. I will not cross your threshold of discomfort. The release of tension that follows is rewarding!  At the end of a session you will be asked to walk in order for you to feel the changes that have occurred in your body. Your body will continue to integrate change between sessions and for a substantial period of time after completion of treatment. 

In order to see as much of your structure as possible during your sessions, the following "rolf wear” is appropriate - workout attire, comfortable clothing or just underwear (if you are comfortable).