Client 1
"I feel taller and looser. I have less pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have tried massage and other therapies. Rolfing is a long term solution for relief of my pain and stiffness.”  - Melissa Vaughn, Hospice Nurse

"Melanie has proven to be a master healer in her own right. My body has responded to each of the ten sessions she recommended as an initial series, with ever increasing freedom in movement and posture. My body is literally getting younger as time passes.”  - Patricia Aine Dee, Entrepreneur Vision Money Map

"I ended up having a hip replacement because of arthritis, which I believe was caused by my body being out of alignment. My dream is that with Rolfing, my body will be in total alignment and prevent future structural problems. I can already tell a major difference in my knees and hips."

"Seek and ye shall find: until October of 2010, I had never heard of Rolfing. A business associate from England noticed Melanie’s brochure, had a session with her, and then insisted I try it to relieve my pain. My body improves with every treatment. I stand straighter. I have less pain. I am able to walk my dog again.”  - Ann Scofield, Owner of Scofield Properties

"I had a chronic situation for 45 years due to an automobile accident. Even after six surgeries related to the accident, I never felt like I was put together right. Without Rolfing I know I would not be functioning as well as I am now…I would have had to "sit down.”  But I am still able to function well as a person, a massage therapist, and as a traveler. I have my balance back, able to stand upright and lay flat on my back!"  - Jaci Krause, Massage Therapist